Terms of Service (ToS)

General conditions

I usually complete commissions in a queue, but I will not be able to tell you the exact time I will need to complete your commission. I do commissions in my free-time, not as my main job, so this is not possible. I also don't accept deadlines.


A client's spot in the order is confirmed, as soon as all conditions are accepted by both sides and a 50% deposit has been paid. This deposit will not be refundable as soon as I have started working on your commisson.

Contact and discussion with me about your commission will be only via eMail or Discord, NO WhatsApp or other messengers, since I don't use them.

If you are a recurring client, you will get a 15% discount on your commission.

  • I will not accept commissions that only feature canon characters from games, movies, TV-Shows and the like. Making profit of copyrighted material is a grey area, when it comes to fanart, so if a canon character is not the only subject shown, I might do an exception.

  • I will not accept commissions that contain NSFW-material unless you are of proven legal age. You have to fill out this form, if you wish for a NSFW-commission.

  • I will not accept commissions that contain explicit underage content.

  • I will not accept commissions that contain heavy robotics and machinery.

  • I will not accept commissions that contain landscapes or complex scenery, because I am not able to do that yet.

Every other content is negotiable. However, I reserve the right to decline commissions with or without explanation.


Clients will receive watermarked initial sketches and process-steps in low resolution during the commission process and two versions of the finished work as soon as payment is completed. The first will be the original piece in it's original resolution, the second will be a smaller, watermarked low resolution version suited to be posted and shared online.

Clients have the permission to upload and share the watermarked version online, as long as:

  1.  the image remains unaltered from it's original form (no removal of signature, change of colors, and so on)

  2.  proper credit is given

  3.  my work is not monetarized in any way. Your commission is not for commercial use.


I reserve all rights to all images I create. Which means I may post and share the images on my website and any other platform. However, I don't reserve the rights to the characters themselves.




As soon as you contact me for a commission, you will have to provide proper references of the character/s you wish me to draw or paint for you. This can include:

  • screenshots from the games you play that character in

  • sketches or paintings of the character

  • charactersheets

  • face-claim photographies

I will not accept commissions without visual references. A merely written description of the outward appearance alone will not be enough.

Please also provide a short description of your characters' personality, this will help me to show your character as they are.



I only accept payment via paypal through the eMail-address the client provides. Payment will be via invoice or a paypal.me-link (the client decides on that) and you will have to pay a 50% deposit of the final price upfront. This deposit will not be refundable, as soon as I started to work on the commission.

If your financial situation changes during the process and you will not be able to complete payment, please let me know ASAP.

Also, as soon as I will have finished the work and the whole payment is finished, payment is not refundable.