Examples for my pricing

All pictures below serve as examples for my pricing. Not all of them were actually paid commissions.

Tier 1: Sketches and linearts


Headshot/bust sketches. These would be 20€ each.

Two characters lineart busts. This would be 25€.

Fullbody lineart. These would be 27€ each.

Tier 2: Flat or cel-shaded drawing


Cel-shaded bust. This would be 30€.

Cel-shaded half-body. This would be 35€.

Cel-shaded half-body, two characters. This would be 45€.

Flat-colored half-body, two characters. This would be 45€.

Tier 3: Roughly shaded speedpainting


Rough speedpaint busts. These would be 40€ each.

Half-body speedpaint. These would be 50€ each.

Tier 4: Fully colored painting


Fully colored busts. These would be 50€ each.

Fully colored headshots, 3 characters. This would be 110€.

Fully painted half-body. These would be 60€ each.

Fully colored full-bodies. These would be 70€ each.

Tier 5: Tarot-Cards


These would be 90€ each.

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